ISLAMABAD – Do not consider women as lower in status or lacking courage but she can do wonders, Pakistan’s first female taxi driver, Zahida Kazmi says.

Though the male-dominated society in Pakistan rejects woman’s public role, yet Zahida Kazmi is one such woman who has broken the shackle of patriarchy, becoming the first female taxi driver.

According to detail, Zahidi bibi’s husband died around 20 years back, but she herself taken the responsibility of her earning and supplicating the family by adopting driving.

Despite the fact she is old yet courageous and has the distinction of becoming the first Pakistan’s taxi driver.

She offers pick and drop services to school children and it helps her to provide sustenance to the family.

The profession that seems difficult for male has been adopted by her easily.

“Women are strong! Never considers a woman weak, she is able to do all the hard and difficult tasks in the life; she has to raise her kids, take care of the household finances and the household chores,” she adds.

Several hardships were faced by her but she did not lose her hope; but even relatives’ alienation could not stop the wheels of her taxi.

She said, “If you are eating pulses now but with effort and struggle you can turn pulse into Polao; you can make your children successful; you can better teach them and you can send them to prestigious schools.”

She has not resorted to alms and charity but believed on hard work and persistent struggle which is a living example for the Pakistani women.

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