LAHORE – Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif  says on Saturday we wish to bring a culture of courtesy in Punjab police stations.

While addressing an inauguration ceremony to digitalize the police system in Punjab, the Prime Minister expressed that citizens are complaining about the attitude of police.

We want to bring a culture of courtesy and honesty in the police stations in Punjab, PM says.

He highlighted that prevailing justice system in the police station will be the first priority.

Bringing reforms in the police station will not only end the grievances of the citizen but law and order will also be improved, Nawaz Sharif adds.

He argues those who become legislatures after being voted by the general public should think for the collective wellbeing of the nation rather than promoting one’s personal interest.

The Prime Minister said the environment of the police station should be based on justice rather than discrimination, adding thinking of the Station House Officer (SHO) or ‘Tanidar’ and the outlook of the police station will be changed.

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