RIYADH – The youngest and fourth wife of Osama Bin Laden has revealed the full story of the operation night.

Osama was killed by US Navy Seal 6 team inside the compound in Abbottabad on May 2, 2011.

Amal, while talking to Cathy Scott-Clarke and Adrian Levy revealed the whole episode of the darkest night in her life. ‘Osama was asleep after dinner when he awoke due to a noise outside the compound,’ she said.

‘The Americans are coming,’ Osama said in a panic.

The husband and wife crept to the balcony to be saved from the firing, afraid of what was come next. She described it as the moonless night.

24 Navy Seals crept towards our house, with two military ‘Black Hawks,’ other three wives of Osama were also present there at the time of operation.

Osama calls his friends, after some time US soldiers broke the gate of the house, one of the men Osama have betrayed him at the time.

When soldiers rushed into the house they killed Osama and riddle him with bullets, they killed the world’s most-wanted criminal at that time.

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