Ways to make your hair healthy

ISLAMABAD – Though there are various ways to take care of your hairs but remaining satisfactory and balanced emotional state is classic way to control hair fall, Dr Faisal health and beauty expert reveals.

According to detail, Dr Faisal says a healthy food, clean drinking water and hygienic environment are available to the affluent people, but despite that they swiftly lose their hair recurrently.

On the other hand, those people who do not have even access to clean drinking water have been observed with a healthy and strong hair, he explains.

The doctor informs there can be multiple causes of hair loss including genetic, thyroid disorder and depression.

Dr Faisal health and beauty expert said while talking to news channel, “Most of us are committing a very serious mistake in using a single Shampo of any brand at the same time despite looking at the condition of the hair whether they are dry or hydrated.”

“Don’t let shampoos in the hair for a long time and cleans thoroughly without leaving any trace of foam because it seriously damages your hairs,” he warned.

Since the level of polluting is rising rapidly, it is advisable to everybody that they should undertake ‘conditioning’ at least a week, which will protect your hair from falling, the beauty expert highlighted.

He informed the audience that they should apply any pure hair-oil as it helps in blood circulation, which in turn increases the flow of oxygen, making the skin turn healthy; it make hair healthy.

But he also warned that using hair oil on uncleaned hairs will wreak havoc with the quality of hair.


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