Egypt Revolution

  • Dilawar Khan

    Masha Allah…..Allah-o-Akbar

  • zeeshan


  • Athar A Wasim

    Allah karey ye tabdeeli dunya mn AMN, INSAAF, MOHABBAT, MUSAWAAT, SAKOON qayem hony ka aghaaz bany, jo DEEN-ISLAM aur QURAN ki haqiqi taleemat hn. Ameen

  • Firasat Shah

    Alhamdullillah, la quwata ill billah.
    I lived in Egypt in 2005 and 2006 and was able to feel the love of a great majority of Egytians for Islam. I saw a lot of people keeping their small copy of Quran, reading while riding a bus or a train. Majority of times when I took a taxi, the driver was playing Quran. They were so connected to Quran, no wonder Allah granted them victory and no wonder they elected the God loving and God fearing people in the elections. May Allah bless all those who worked hard and went through a lot of difficulties over many decades to bring this happy moment for Egypt and for all the Muslim world. Allah-o-Akbar

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