LAHORE – United States’ University of Colorado is collaborating with the Information Technology University Lahore in setting up  Water ATM machines all across Punjab in order to provide the locals with clean drinking water.

The whole project will cost around $374,599. The project will be undertaken under the Pakistan United States Science and Technology Cooperation program.

IT University’s Dr. Tauqeer Tauseef and Dr. Mustafa Naseem will be working together on this project and it will be completed under the supervision of America’s National Academy of Science and Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan, reported by PakistanToday.

According to the details released by the IT University, research has shown that due to ineffective monitoring of the water filtration plants, locals are deprived of clean water facilities.

It also says that Pakistan is on the brink of facing a severe water crisis as the underground water level has now gone down to a 1000 cubic meter, which is alarming.

Water ATM machines will be controlled electronically and it will be possible to measure the quality of the water as well.

The project is expected to begin soon.

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