KARACHI – The Council General of United States of America in Pakistan Grass Shelton has announced to launch an English Access Micro-scholarship Program (Access) for children in the undeveloped areas of Karachi.

The scholarship program will train students under the age of 13-20 years also old students from the disadvantaged areas will be profited by the course.

The Council General while speaking at the ceremony urged all the students to take advantage of this opportunity and enhance their language skills.

“It is inspiring to see the enthusiasm and dedication I see in you today, and we only want to see that grow,” she remarked, as quoted by Samaa.

Grace Shelton said that the embassy of US will be more pleasured to help the poor students; she further said that education is a key to a strong, economically stable Pakistan.

The Access program has reached to more than 115,000 students in 80+ countries, the program had first introduced in Pakistan in 2004 and now 13,000 Pakistani students are affiliated with it.

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