UN denounce widespread torture by forces in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD – A United Nations committee on Friday has condemned the ‘widespread practice of torture’ by Police and paramilitary forces in Pakistan and asked the government to make reforms to the law.

“The police engage in the widespread practice of torture throughout the territory, with a view to obtaining confessions from persons in custody,” the UN Committee against Torture wrote in its first report on the situation in the country, made public after months of investigation, as quoted by Tribune.

The UN emphasized that the Torture, Custodian Death, and Custodial Rape Bill should be revised by the lawmakers.

Committee also expressed concern over the extra-judicial murders carried out by the paramilitary forces which also include torture and forced disappearance.

The committee side that Pakistan has failed to investigate any of these cases, and also the matter of forced disappearance not solved.

The National Commission on Human Rights (NCHR) welcomed the report and said that “the publication could help start a conversation about torture” in the country.

The oppressed woman submitted a briefed application for help on Dec 15, 2016, which have content that the wanted criminals of Karachi from a long time take refuge in the Society.

All the money from Society was sent to Altaf Hussain in London.

The charges of murder and other brutal crimes are also attached to the Society.


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