ANKARA – A court in Istanbul issued arrest warrants for four journalists over their alleged links with Gulen movement, the Turkish media reported Friday.

The Sozcu newspaper’s website manager, Mediha Olgun, was arrested by Police after the issuance of a warrant by the court, another newspaper owner under the list, has not arrested because of his absence from the country.

There is no confirmed report that whether the remaining two suspects have arrested by the Police or not.

After the failed coup the president of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan had suppressed the opposition with his full might.

Thousands of people along with the civil servants, military officials and media personals arrested and detained by the state.

Erdogan after the Turkey referendum has become more powerful than the past, but the relations of Turkey with Europe and the United States are not well.

The US before few days announced to back the Kurdish militant which is fighting against Turkey, although visit made by the Turkish president neutralized the situation.

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