The Japnese car manufacturing company Toyota has announced to use the technology of Nvidia Corp. which is famous for its gaming graphics.

Toyota has made its first autonomous car in 2015 which use sharp sensors to navigate through roads, strengthening its position in the market by launching back to back automobiles.

Nvidia Chief Executive Jensen Huang said, “Toyota will use Nvidia’s Drive PX artificial intelligence platform for its autonomous vehicles planned for the market,” as quoted by

Nvidia is well-named in the gaming world for its graphic processing chips. For now the companies motive is only autonomous cars.

Nvidia is also working with the Audi and Mercedes for the realization of self-driving car’s dream, the camera and radar will enable cars to sense the roads.

“We’re talking about not just development now but the introduction of vehicles into the market,” said Danny Shapiro, as quoted by Tech juice.

Despite automobile manufacturers the tech giants such as Google, Apple, and Tesla likely to work with Nvidia.

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