According to FDMA the number of IDP’s from Wazisristan has reached 7million in which 1.8million men, 2.14million women & 2.66million children has been displaced

ایف ڈی ایم اے کےاعداد و شمار کے مطابق نقل مکانی کرنے والوں میں 1لاکھ 88ہزار مرد، 2لاکھ 14ہزار خواتین اور 2لاکھ 66ہزار بچے شامل ہیں۔

The number of IDP's from Waziristan has reached… by raahtv

  • minhas

    I think the reporter dont know the mathematics of million, billion bhai 7 million means 7,000,000 i.e 70 lakh please correct the news…

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