SEOUL –  The first democratic President, Park Geun Hye of South Korean  has been ousted by the Supreme Court on Friday.

Park has been the first democratically elected leader in South Korea who has been forced out of the office by the court.

According to details, judges have unanimously agreed to the parliament’s decision to impeach the President of over the charges of scandal where her close friend Choi Soon Sil was involved.

Earlier the Parliament has impeached the President over the charges that one of her friend Choi Soon is involved in corruption scandal.

Before forcing Park out of the office, eight judges of the supreme court of the country has heard in depth the impeachment action carried out by the parliament.

According to sources, the court said in its verdict that Park has violated the country law by leaking the important documents of the government and thus allowing her friend Choi to interfere in the affairs of the government.

The Chief Justice Lee Jung Mi in the decision said that her actions “impaired the spirit of democracy and rule of law”.


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