social media brings social Isolation

NEW YORK – Social media is a useful tool to promote relations and make new friends but it also brings social isolation and loneliness in the public, a report says. 

Since the trends of socialization have become internet oriented, people are now turning more lonely and isolated.

According to the study conducted by the professors of the University of Petersburg, those people who spend more than two hours on the social networking sites especially facebook and twitter become socially isolated.

Though the introduction of internet and social media has facilitated the world on many aspects, yet its hazards are shrouding the routine life of the people and turning the people to become socially alienated beings.

The American psychologists are of the view that those who have been on the look-out for others life events start to live a life of anti-social and introvert person.

The report says people often are vying to know various details about their friends and relatives: what are they doing now? Where are they travelling? Whom they are accompanying? And in which restaurant they are eating food?

The American psychologists have included 2000 people aged 19 to 32 in this research in order to investigate the factors of social isolation on the people.

The researchers were of the view that man is a social being and who cannot live without the group life however the current aspect of social media has created distance among the people rather than bringing them nearer.


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