KARACHI – The government of Sindh has shortlisted the names for New IG of Sindh on Sunday, though the High Court of Sindh had reserved the verdict in the case for the removal of AD Khawaja.

The gap between Sindh government and IG Sindh grew when the government tried to appoint a new IG of Sindh without asking the Federal government about it.

In his comment filed with the provincial government, the IG has offered to step down from his post voluntarily, saying that it is difficult to perform his duty amid a conflict with the Pakistan People Party.

“An officer has been selected as the new Sindh IG,” a senior official in the provincial government who requested anonymity told The Express Tribune. “But it depends on the court’s verdict. Our preparations are complete; now let’s see what the court decides,” as quoted by Tribune.

Khawaja was appointed as a Sindh IG in March 2016 after the removal of former IG Ghulam Hyder Jamali by the federal government.

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