SAUDI ARABIA – A military vehicle of Saudi military force has been exploded in the besieged town of Awamiya, the region besieged by the Saudi forces.

According to a Press TV reports, all those on board were killed after the military vehicle exploded in Qatif region of Eastern Province.

The incident happened after the collision of two army vehicles in which one of them was engulfed in flames, another local news site reported.

The sources revealed about the large scale mutiny between the Saudi forces in the area, a large number of soldiers are moving out from the besieged town.

The incident occurred when government forces started shelling on the rebels of Awamiyah which also include rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) at different areas of the region.

The Saudi military has sieged the area after the clashes among the residents who were protesting the demolition of the historical al-Mosara neighborhood.

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