Roza Aur Sehat (Book Launch)

“4 or 5 years ago a friend (Dr. Craig Anderson) who belongs to ‘Asia Pacific Stroke Organisation’ visited Karachi,Pakistan and in the month of Ramadan. He asked me for a Dinner so I took him to the ‘Lal Qila Resturant’ it was 06:30 PM, all those people who were there were sitting with meals in front of them. Craig asked me ‘why don’t we start?’ I replied: we’ll start at 06:57. He was really amazed that people are sitting with meals and don’t eat them and then all people started to eat at 06:57 and it was the routine for us,
he quoted that incident in many lectures, he said ‘i never seen before the discipline in 800 people like this'”
Prof. Wasay Shakir

Part 01

Roza Aur Sehat BOOk (Dr Muhamamd Wasay) Part-01 by raahtv

Part 02

Roza Aur Sehat | Book launch ceremony | Part 02… by raahtv

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