LAHORE – Punjab Assembly has passed a resolution on Thursday calling for a ban on all the blasphemous materials available online.

According to detail, after the issue of hate speech and controversial materials on the internet the government has come into action to bring the blasphemous to book.

On Thursday, legislators in the Punjab Assembly  lashed out at those involved in carrying out hate based materials on internet; they unanimously passed a resolution calling for the blockage of blasphemous materials on the internet.

Earlier, Prime Minister Nawaz directed the interior ministry to take all measures to block and ban the blasphemous contents on the social media.

Besides, various petitions have been filed in various courts in Pakistan in order to ban all those pages based on hate speech and blasphemy and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Justice Shaukat Aziz Sadiqui of Islamabad High Court has said while hearing a case against the hate speech and blasphemous content that no one will be allowed to sell news under the guise of disrespecting the Holy prophet (pbuh).

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