آج کی تراویح

آج کی تراویح | تراویح ۱۵

Well known Religious Scholar Dr. Meraj ul Huda Siddiqui delivering Translation and summarized lecture on the verses recited in the 15th Taraweeh including Surah Al Mominoon, Noor and Al Furqan.Qualities of a true Muslim, Hijab, Social issues of society, all important matters of family, punishments for Rape and a complete charter for a peaceful social muslim life is described. A must watch program to clear the misconceptions. Daily program of 27 episodes after Taraveeh prayers, for understanding and learning the true spirit and sayings of Holy Quran.


متعلقہ مضامین

  • zahir hussain

    aasan khulasa taraweeh maashallah