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Guest: Qazi Hussain Ahmed

Raah Numa | with Qazi Hussain Ahmed | Part 1/3

Raah Numa | with Qazi Hussain Ahmed | Part 2/3

Raah Numa | with Qazi Hussain Ahmed | Part 3/3

  • asif

    Dear Host saib,

    Pak Army is a biggest hurdle in the way of development of Pakistan Islam and Jamaat-e-Islami.So,Army is playing very skillfully with Jamaat-e-Islami from 1948(after death of Quiad-e-Azam) and particularly after the murder of Liqat Ali Khan and JI clean bold by GEn.Zia ul Haq and Gen. Pervaiz Musharraf.

    JI policy makers also done big blunders in fairly understanding of Army and the role of Masjid
    in society.

    Pls arrange a discussion on quoted issues and hope policy makers will got light from ur program for future policies.I think big flaws in our policies because we r almost zero in society and still so far from destination due to our dull, must we learn lesson from our history for bright future of Islamic Pakistan.

    I observed ur session was away from freedom and ur body language shows a) u r under pressure.b) ur 1/2 good questions/answers was edited.why?

    Allah bless u.

  • Q.S. Abbasi

    Good Interview, But there should b some questions regarding the Re-rehabilitation of MMA, Strategy for next coming elections, Development of Qurtaba City……..

    as per my observation the Jamaal-e-Islami is doing up to mark in the available resources, but u know as per the biggest think tanks in this Era the Media plays vital role to change the thinking of the society in Pakistan all the Media is fully secular and they will never like to see the Islamic party like JI in Power, they are not giving real coverage to JI for their contribution for Pakistan and Pakistani society……… now when they are looking that the society is inoid to some extend from traditional politation they are making Imran Khan HERO by giving extra ordinary coverage.

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