tariq rehman

  • Mumtaz Gul

    بہت ہی نفیس گفتگو بہت ہی شاندار پروگرام میزبان اور مہمان نے بہت ہی مفید گفتگو کی ہے الله کرے کہ یہ چینل ویب چینل سے ترقی کر جائے آمین

  • Saleem Ahmad

    a very nice & interesting discussion, its good that some people like Tariq Rahman promoting positive image of Pakistan in UAE

  • Arshad Ahmed


  • Tahir Zaidi

    very good, keep it up

  • Muhammad Lateef

    This is indeed very interesting, useful and educative discussion, there is substance and material for the people to enlighten themselves, ponder and reflect. I hope many people will draw advantage from the talk and deliberation.

  • Yasir Abbas chk

    Nice and decent talk by Tariq Rehman SB…..!!!!! MA SHA ALLAH

    • Hope Pakistan

      useful discussion !!!

  • Arshad Ahmed

    Zabardast Tariq Rehman Bhai

  • Dude

    Brilliant & Positive Person,

  • Iqbal Hussain

    Good representation

  • Usman Awan

    mashaallah keep it up

  • Usman Awan

    tariq sahib you did very well for the pakistanis. you are such a great leader .jazakallah may allah blessed you ever. aameen

  • Abdul Wahid

    Mashallah very nice these guys are really brilliant

  • Omair Haider

    great work …

  • Hope Pakistan

    very useful discussion !!!!

  • Khalid

    Wonderful program…. excellent Dr Sb

  • rafay kashmiri

    Ghairon ki sazishein, apnon ki himaqatein, magar Carava’n chalta rehega

  • rafay kashmiri

    Bohat khub,
    Culture jahan ” Lachure ” hoga, woh muzzir hojayega,
    Hamare patriotics mein shehri hiss-o-ehsaas aur watirah paidah karwanah bhi aik jihad he !

  • Umair

    A wonderful discussion & strong command of guest on his opinions with nice words. A strong and importanant message to all pakistanis that we are a great nation.

  • Zeeshan Raja

    Well done Tariq Rehman sb. you really deliver Pakistani community message in a decent and real way

  • Babar

    nice views & approach, I like the work of PAD as an expatriate Pakistani in dubai

  • Usama Saeed Ali

    I hope the whole Pakistani Media plays sucha positive role.

  • Imran Ali

    very informative discussion and Tariq bhai discuss the all issue of pakistanis in dubai in detail

  • Mohammad Rizwan Khan

    Ma sha Allah raah tv keep it up

  • Proud Karachait

    بورنگ ۔۔ ایسے بھاشن پاکستان میں ہر دوسرا آدمی دیتا ہے ۔۔ 🙁

  • Proud Karachait

    Seriously speaking … Host is ” BHAND” .. but Mr Tariq spoke little bit nicely ..

  • Omayr Mehmud

    Mashallah. May Allah Kareem bless you with added zeal and empower you to promote enlightenment, Ameen.

  • Abdullah

    good talk

  • Aslam

    keep it up

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