This episode of ‘Raah Numa’ focuses on the Balochistan issue with renowned columnist Orya Maqbool Jan





Raah numa | Conspiracies of Blochistan | Part 1/3

Raah numa | Conspiracies of Blochistan | Part 2/3

Raah numa | Conspiracies of Blochistan | Part 3/3

  • Arif

    Very good programme.but i wonder why in the end of the programe Muzaffar Ejaz turned from Balochistan
    issue to Fundamentalism.Much more can be talked on Balochistan issue.

  • ihsan

    I think hosting need to be improved a lot for such programs.

  • Ala

    Definitely hosting need to be improve.

  • Aksam

    A lot of things need improvement, no doubt, but i wonder if you would have given any opinion about discussion in the program. After all, it is a good effort in the end to promote such programs where the mainstream media is creating false hype on Balochistan issue.

  • Syed Rashid Tirmizi

    Mashallah good starting, very informatic program,

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