ISLAMABAD – Though Pakistan Tehrek-e-Insaf recurrently criticize the foreign players, yet it earned nearly  2.5 billion profits, Najim Sethi Chairman Pakistan Super League (PSL) said.

Najim Sethi while condemning Imran Khan over his slang language, saying PSL 2017 earned 2.5 billion profits.

According to PakistanTribe sports desk, Najim Sethi in his recent televised interview has said that Imran Khan has disrespected the nation by his calling the foreign players ‘Phatechar’.

“We have never heard such ethnical sentences before as Imran Khan has used for the foreign player that they have been brought from Africa,” he adds.

Najim Sethi informs Imran Khan does not respect the people of Pakistan and their complexion, adding his information about cricket is also vanished; he does have any knowledge about the norms that most of the T20 players are not present in the Test crickets during the modern era.

He adds that Imran Khan should be ashamed of himself as he is more affectionate with the white skin and he is impressed with the white people.

He argues all the eight players about whom Imran Khan used negative language are from different categories: two players are from platinum, four players are from gold and two others from diamond.

PSL chairman explains Imran khan does not know the foreign player Crise Jordon who has been playing in all the big leagues and counted among the biggest players, adding Darren Sami has made West Indies the champion twice.

He says Imran has been doing propaganda against his country, his nation and his players.

He notes Imran Khan has become PSL phobic on two reasons: the first thing is that he is doing his personal enmity with me and second he is politicizing the issue that PSL success may not benefit Nawaz Sharif but if a bomb blast has occurred in the Stadium then Imran Khan would be quite happy.

Najim Sethi highlights the door for the revival of International cricket will be possible with the holding of PSL final in Lahore.

“Gails Clark has announced bringing top international cricketers in Pakistan in December,” he informs.

He says West Indies Cricket Board (ICB) was ready to send its team to Pakistan but they back out because of the explosions in Lahore and now when the peaceful holding of the PSL final has been accomplished then they will send their team to Pakistan.

He points out when the discussion about conducting PSL began, people started saying that PSL could not be arranged after eight years of effort but how he will hold the PSL this time.

“But we made that possible. Then it was said that Pakistan will suffer losses by conducting the match in Dubai but we earned  $2.5 million and afterward it was said PSL cannot be held in Pakistan but we also made that possible but now they say we donot need ‘Phatechar’ players,” Najim Sethi comments.

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