KARACHI – Sindh High Court has taken action against the increased prices of households for the upcoming Ramadan; Sindh government has failed in taking action against the offenders.

According to the Pakistantribe correspondent, the order of Chief Justice of High Court registrar Ghulam Rasool Samun sends the copy of the order to all the District and Session Courts.

The letter received by Pakistantribe shows that the High Court Judge ordered all the Courts to implement on the directions given by the High Court.

The Court ordered to control the prices of households during the Holy month of Ramadan, officials to hold meetings on regular basis.

In the meeting, it was decided that the authorities will make sure that no price hike will be assumed during Ramadan.

The Session Judges were asked to implement the Prevention of Profiting and Boarding act 2005 and also on Price Control and Prevention of Profiting and Boarding Act 1997.

Sindh High Court also said that in every Ramadan the prices of households increased every year, during the month the role of authorities in preventing price hike is very week.

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