PESHAWAR – The Joint Investigation Team in its initial report stated that the plot for killing Mashal Khan has been planned months before the accident.

The JIT further told that there are no signs and symptoms that the murdered had committed blasphemy, the victim was a student of Abdul Wali Khan in the Department of Journalism.

“From the investigations carried out as of yet, none of the charges of blasphemy leveled against Mashal, Abdullah and Zubair [Mashal’s friends] have been proven to be true,” the report read, as quoted by Tribune.

The report consisted of 308 pages which include 300 pages of the police report; the report mainly consisted of stories, corruption, confessions, and happenings that result in the murder of Mashal Khan.

The president of Union of Employs has confessed that the plot to kill Mashal Khan was hatched months before the murder.

The student of Abdul Wali Khan University by a mob due to alleged charges of blasphemy, authorities had made a JIT to investigate the case.

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