Pakistan demands for more non-permanent seats in Security Council

ISLAMABAD – The 70-year-old member of UN, Pakistan has asked UN to increase its non-permanent seats in the Security Council, to allow more permanent seats representing regional groups.

Pakistan’s ambassador to UN Maleeha Lodhi, while speaking in the intergovernmental negotiations on Security Council Reform said that the representation needed to be expended to get large representation in the regional groups.

She further said that in the past 55 years the number of new members state do not correspond equally to all regional state.

Maleeha said that the permanent members do not represent any region they are nominated in charter due to their particular region.

“Their continued presence in this category does not require any endorsement from their regional group or, for that matter, a vote by any of us in the General Assembly,” as quoted by Geo News.

This is the reason behind the expansion of seats in the non-permanent category.

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