Nisar directs action against those ‘dishonoring army’

ISLAMABAD – Interior Minister of Pakistan Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has ordered Cyber Crime Wing of Federal Investigation Agency on Sunday to take immediate action against those who were dishonoring the Pakistan Army on Social Media.

He said, “no doubt, the constitution of Pakistan provide freedom of expression but if it will not harm anyone”, further said that derogation of Pakistan Army and paramilitary forces is equivalent to derogate Pakistan.

Nisar expressed concerns over the increase events and said that it can mark negative impact on the national integrity, he directed FBI to take action against those persons without any discrimination.

“Ridiculing the army or its officers under the garb of freedom of expression is unacceptable,” he was quoted as saying in the statement, as quoted by Tribune.

Interior Minister said that targeting a respectful institution of the state is not only a matter of concern but also a matter of national security.

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