Let’s ponder on Surah Yasin with Noamna Asar [2nd session]

‘As we know from the ‘Seerah’ or from the lives of ‘Sahaba’ which is the companions of Prophet Muhammad pbuh we understand that their habit was that they used to study 3 verses from the Quran and first used to try understand it, they used to ponder on it and they used to try to put it into practice into their lives and that is exactly why Allah SWT also didn’t send whole Quran to Prophet Muhammad pbuh and why Prophet Muhammad pbuh to his companions, to his friends and to the people who really believed in him so that it does not become too burden for them to actually follow it or to adapt it into their lives or to guide their lives or to improve their lives according to the Quran. so what we also learned from this fact is that Islam brings improvement into the lives of human beings in a gradual manner’.

let’s ponder on the 2nd session of this series with Noaman Asar

Let’s ponder on Surah Yasin with Noamna Asar… by raahtv

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