ASTANA – The government of Kazakhstan is reportedly working on a bill to ban the use of headscarves and burqas by Muslim women in public spaces, international media reported Saturday.

According to Sputnik reports, the Kazakh Religious Affairs Minister Nurlan Ermekbayev told them that they are working on a draft law to prohibit headscarves and burqa.

The law would be necessary for the country’s future.

Kazakhstan is a Muslim majority country with over 70 percent of the Muslim population, while 24.7 percent of the population consists of Orthodox Christians.

Earlier, another European country Austria banned the use of veils and burqas.

Burqa and headscarf are frequently discussed in European countries, on neutrality and integration grounds.

The Kazakh government had announced in April that citizens convicted of membership in Daesh terrorist group will be stripped of their citizenship.

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