NEW DELHI – A Kashmiri journalist was tortured in Delhi by the Hindu extremists on Wednesday for being a Muslim, Indian media reported.

Basit Malik, the correspondent of Caravan Magazine tells he was on his professional duties in Sonia Vihar area of Delhi when an enraged mob of Hindu fanatics dragged, kicked, punched and slapped him only for being a Kashmiri Muslim.

Basit further reveals that the assault on him was video recorded and he was instructed to say ‘Pakistan murdabad!’ and ‘Hindustan zindabad!’

“During this entire ordeal, which lasted for an hour and a half, I was surrounded at all times. People from the mob would angrily kick and slap me. I was continuously yelled at and called various names, such as “mullah,” “Pakistani,” and “aatankwadi”—terrorist,” narrated Basit in Caravan.

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