WASHINGTON – It is difficult for people to leave the country where a person is born but sometimes tough choices are made and this Nelofar is one of such girl whose journey as 11 year girl began in 1979 Iranian revolution and continued till the new age of internet.

It is not easy to abandon your hometown and starts living in a foreign country forever as well as finding the niche of your dream, but Nelofar made it possible.

Nelofar Hoi is the foreign girl working in the internet security.

His journey to become the Chief Strategists Officer (CSO) began at a time when she herself decided to go to America at the age of 11.

Ms Hoi still remembers the time when she for the first time landed in the San Francisco airport.

She says in a ceremony held by Tedd X, “A tall man with moustaches in the immigration department started asking me questions and i I know that the future of my family depends upon this interview.”

After the 1979 Iranian Revolution, she left Iran immediately.

She said that her family members have gone to Britain but they boarded me in plan moving to the United States because they know that a 12 year girl will not be sent back by the immigration agents in the US.

“And their guess turned into reality,” she adds.

Upon reaching the airport, the US custom officers put a stamp on the Iranian passport and thus helped me to begin a new life in the new land.

She informs the first decision that she took was reaching California and adopting the environment there because one can get buffet there and the people were more liberal and open minded.

Afterward she studied and worked there in America as she has fully accustomed to the native culture there.

During her look-out for the job, she reached to one of the office of RSA, a cyber security organization where she was offered the post of Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

She says, “The focal person of the company informed me that making money is not the problem but I needed someone as business partner.”

This way after accepting the post, she joined the biggest cyber security organization, and after spending around nine years as a security expert she has met with few women in the tech world who are leading companies.

She said that it was her dream to make the internet safe and protected.

“Solving such a problem which will make our lives safe, and our children protected and our family life secure was my dream,” she explains.

Nelofar says that a 13 year old girl needs more protection with sitting in a computer than she was faced the same at her age in the beginning.

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