ویکیپیڈيا پر کیلبری فونٹ میں ترمیم کرنے کی پی پی ایل این کی منصوبہ بندی JIT نے پکڑ لی

ISLAMABAD – The Joint Investigation Team (JIT) probing the Panama case has caught Maryam Nawaz’s forgery of documents just by the font style used to write the document.

The JIT declared the documents submitted by Maryam Nawaz were forged as Calibri font that was used in the documents was not available for public use then.

JIT calibri
The interrogators said on page-55 of their final report that Calibri was not available before January 31, 2007; however, the documents submitted by Maryam Nawaz were shown to be dating back to 2006 that reveals forgery.

The new aspect of the Sharif family has caught the attention of social media.

Some users of micro-blogging website said the font in question has been in use since 2004. However, Wikipedia website said the font was made in 2004; it was made available for public use in 2007.

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