Indian conspiracy against Pakistan: Revelation

ISLAMABAD – India has always spread propaganda against in an attempt to isolate the country but this time such a revelation has come out which has compelled them to change their attitudes.

A quarter of community believes that the 2008 Mumbai attacks were concocted dramatization of India itself while on the other hand India continue to link this terrorism with Pakistan and substantiating their allegation with Ajmal Kasab.

In a recent statement came out where one of the Indian policeman has said that Ajmal Kasab had been kidnapped from Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, however he was basically abducted by India intelligence agency and later on they showed him as Pakistani.

The police officer said that Ajmal Kasab was brought to the forefront after Mumbai attack in 2008, adding during this period a lawsuit has been filed on the woman who denied recognizing Ajmal Kasab.

Earlier, numerous Indians and foreigners were killed in the 2008 Mumbai attack.

And per the typical behavior of India to blame Pakistan for every ills and security laps in their country however even after passage of a long time, concerts evidences have not been presented to Pakistan in this regard.

This attitude reflects Indian hypocrisy and their blatant lies that they persistently employ against Pakistan.


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