“Human Rights Watch” is a program to discuss human rights issues, legal practices in this field and how to utilize your basic rights provided by law.


  • http://www.raah.tv S A

    Good initiative, hope you will come with more like this. In Pakistan we have no sufficient knowledge about Human Rights at every level.
    Our Human Rights organisations just working for monitoring the violation but they are fail to raise awareness in masses.
    Secondly in society like our this is not enough that we claim only rights but didn’t pay our duties. Good Human Society should do the both at same time.

  • S A

    Nice to watch Zehra Yousaf. Unfortunately we are nation of unaware people.
    Human Rights organisations should generate awareness on FIGHTS and prepare public to do their duties bcz only demanding the Rights can’t give us solution for our problem

  • nadia malik

    Nice focused program, very informative & intellectual

  • arif malik

    dear mamo tariq khan u have done realy awesome interview and u have looking so confident while your conversation and the whole interview was very good…….? i pray for your success and your achievements in the whole life………………….

  • http://www.facebook.com/mnkhanz Muhammad Nasir Khan

    Great job done
    indeed…… and I hope there will be more in future alike because unfortunately
    most of us are unaware about our basic rights and responsibilities…. a few
    things I think need to be focused (my suggestion) like awareness to the people
    about their basic rights, the proper forum to get them, also the right way to
    do their responsibilities and most importantly the way to highlight an issue
    but along with a solution as well so it will help to reduce social problems
    specially at initial as the most important thing is to let the people know
    their rights and obviously it will result in achievements like the
    start I seen so hats off to you and best of luck.

  • Naveed

    Raah tv kea tahat ap ki achi koshesh hea. Naveed 03222600999

  • Uzair Tanoli

    Very well done sir.

  • Gultab Shah Jadoon

    the whole interview was very good…I pray for your success and your achievements

  • Muhammad Ayub Khan

    I Have seen the program – The lady, in my opinion, is a baised, she is favouring govt. On your question about Dr. Afia – she was taking plea that Pakistan Govt. are supporting her for few things, instead of saying that Pakistan Govt has really failed to do anything for her – I mean releasing from the prison or to take some strong measures or any kind of protest visible for the people. On the other side where is the Human Rights Role of USA on this particular case ?

    On the religious side, she was favouring non-muslims – as saying in our text books there is nothing for non-muslims. Also while talking on women issues, she was only discussing the women problems and we all know that on the opposite side, there is only one party “men” so it is not justified if one is talking about human rights issues and discussing only one part. If you study such families cases, you will find that 80% problems are created by women against women.

    Unfortunately, we believe or not we all are favouring women in each and every issues, whether any fight we see in the public, in traffic at home, in public shopping places, in driving, we favour women, I may also be one of those culprits for doing the samething, the reason is women is perceived to be weak, and also they are our weakness.

    So that is why anyone who is taking part in Human Rights Programs, one can see that soon the program will turned to “Women Rights Program”, if there were any lady or ladies taking part in that particular program.

    Your part is very well and impressive as a host and presentation of the program was also very good.

    Kind regards
    Ayub Khan

  • Mrs.Soomro

    The crucial issues have been highlighted in this program , great……..
    well done but it is just the beginning.
    When is your next program is coming ?

    • Muhammad Tariq Khan

      Next Program is online now

  • Mumtaz Ali

    Dear M.Tariq Khan its so nice to see your Programme on raah tv so its very good to get them for relief of poorest peoples of pakistan who even donot know about Human rights and their working/Now I think they should come forward in karachi to get peoples relief targeted peoples

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