A breif urdu documentary on hijaab, in this documentary briefly discussed importance and benefits of Hijaab. and illustrates the issues which are related to the hijab and modern world.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tariq.minhas.10 Tariq Minhas

    We feel proude to be muslimah and thaks Allah for this great blessig of Allah upon Muslimat++

  • Tahir Zaidi

    very nice presentation, impressive, Jazak Allah

  • Ismat Usama

    Jazak Allah, Hijab Documentary has been presented in a very effective way.

  • saima naeem

    very nice jazakaallah

  • http://www.facebook.com/syedahadia.sadiq Syeda Hadia Sadiq

    hijab doesnt only mean to cover your head and in this documentary you have focussed/shown those without veil….

  • Kashif

    Mashallah buhat zabardast documentary hy. its true that Hijab is our identity.

  • Ch.Muhammad Siddiq

    Hijaabb is the Honour of a Muslim Woman. Islam has given this great honour to the Muslim women to keep them “Ba Hiyya”. Hiyya is actual “Eiman”.

    The women denying Hijaab are actually denying their “Eiman” and are challenging the teachings of Quraan. .They are “Gumrah women”… They are reject women in the eyes of GOD and Hazrat Muhammad SAWS.

    They are spreading “Shurr” i.e. evilness in the society. They will ultimately be punished for this serious sin and evilness by GOD…..

    They must think over it. They must stop challenging the teachings of Quraan and our Prophet SAWS.

  • sajida yasmeen

    mashALLAH,very god effort,vi er celebrating day tomorrow in oslo, inshALLAH

  • Mumtaz Gul

    MashaAllah jazakallahu khairan

  • M Jehanzeb

    MashAllah. Allah aap logon k mehnat ko qabool karain.lekin koshish karain k s tarah programes awr channels per aajaye

  • Syed Rashid Tirmizi

    Hijaabb is the Honour of a Muslim Woman denying Hijaab are actually denying the teachings of Quraan

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