DUBAI – Former President Musharraf says  the level of despondency is so high in the public that they are even uncertain about their future.

Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was once a symbol of hope for the military and society but now a total despondency and gloom looms large in Pakistani society, he said.

Pervez Musharraf explains, “Now the situation in the country is that there is a total despondency in the public and everyone is a victim of hopelessness.”

He adds “the level of disappointment in the public is so high in the country that we even did not know about our future.”

The former President noted while recollecting his past, “I remember that when 1971 surrender took place I was weeping in front of the troops.”

“I was feeling as if everything has been lost”, he said.

Musharraf said, “Where should I go (in such a terrible situation)?” adding, “I did not even know (what to do).”

But “Instantly a person came….a sort of motivation….Mr Bhutto definitely, he was a motivation for all…he made all spirited instantly and I do not know whether he was making up things but he encouraged all of us. …hope enliven at once.”

The former General said, “And everyone in the military and in the society strives to follow him and I too followed him….everyone was influenced by (Bhuto-ism).”

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