LONDON – You can improve the health of your hair by using salt along with shampoo which will make hair smooth and soft hair.

You normally will be washing your hairs with shampoo but if you add some amount of salt in it and then cleanse your hair then your hair will turn smooth and soft.

Due to the presence of sodium chloride in the salt, it removes dandruff and other dryness from the scalp.

There several other benefits of washing your hairs with shampoo that has some quantity of salt.

First, the salt in shampoo will clear away the stickiness of the hair but you add two to three spoons of salt in the shampoo then your hair will become smooth.

Then, it also helps in increasing the blood flow in the head which makes the hair healthy and strong.

And there is also another method that you could adopt and that can be used without mixing the salt with the shampoo. We just have to rub salt on the hair for few minutes and then washes it with shampoo it will also make the hair soft.

Besides those people whose hair fall persistently can adopt this method and their hair loss will instantly stop.

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