[Hadith# 02] - Imam nawawi's 40 hadith (Hadith Jibreel [Seg 01])

On the authority of Omar also who said:
One day while wewere sitting with the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon
him), there came before us a man with extremely white
clothing and extremely black hair. There were no signs of
travel on him and none of us knew him. He [came and] sat
next to the Prophet (peace be upon him). He supported his
knees up against the knees of the Prophet (peace be upon
him) and put his hands on his thighs.
He said, “0 Muhammad, tell me about Islam.” The Messenger of Allah
(peace be upon him) said, “Islam is to testify that there is
none worthy of worship except Allah and that Muhammad
is the Messenger of Allah, to establish the prayers, to pay
the zakat, to fast [the month ofl Ramadan, and to make
the pilgrimage to the House if you have the means to do
so.” He said, “You have spoken truthfully [or correctly] .”
We were amazed that he asks the question and then he says
that he had spoken truthfully. He said, “Tell me about
Imaan (faith).” He [the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon
him)] responded, “It is to believe in Allah, His angels, His
books, His messengers, the Last Day and to believe in the
divine decree, [both] the good and the evil thereof.” He
said, “You have spoken truthfully.” He said, “Tell me
about al-Ihsaan (goodness).” He [the Prophet] answered,
“It is that you worship Allah as if you see Him. And even
though you do not see Him, [you know] He sees you.” He
said, “Tell me about [the time ofl the Hour.” He [the
Prophet (peace be upon him)] answered, “The one being
asked does not know more than the one asking.” He said,
“Tell me about its signs.” He answered, “The slave-girl
shall give birth to her master, and you will see the barefooted, scantily-clothed, destitute shepherds competing in constructing lofty buildings.”
Then he went away.
I stayed for a long time. Then he [the Prophet (peace be
upon him)] said, “0 Omar, do you know who the
questioner was?” I said, “Allah and His Messenger know
best.” He said, “It was [the Angel] Gabriel who came to
teach you your religion.”
Recorded by Muslim.

[Hadith# 02] – Imam nawawi’s 40 hadith (Hadith Jibreel [Seg 01])

[Hadith# 02] – The Hadith of Angel Jibreel [Seg… by raahtv

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