MIANWALI – The Paramilitary Forces have nabbed a Chinese national from Mianwali on Wednesday after he was found involved in suspicious activities on Tuesday.

According to media reports, the intelligence agencies have arrested a Chinese national on Wednesday for his suspicious activities.

The armed forces have not disclosed the name of accused; he had reached Mianwali by a bus from Rawalpindi.

The person does not have any NOC, his business visa was issued from March 6, 2017, to June 5, 2017, and he had arrived in the country for business.

The Federal Investigation Agency had also arrested two Chinese persons from Karachi, they were accused of allegations.

The agency told media that the Chinese national were arrived in an ATM machine of a bank withdraw the skimming device, the bank staff and raiding party of FIA cybercrime rushed to ATM.

They apprehend the culprits and took them inside the bank for further investigation.

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