ISLAMABAD – The spokesperson of foreign offices Nafees Zakariya has stated that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had not addressed the United States-Arab summit due to the shortage of time.

Nafees said more than 30 leaders of the Muslim world had not addressed the summit due to the shortage of time.

He said the King of Saudi Arabia has personally apologized to those leaders who could not address the summit due to the tight schedule.

Nafees told media that the President of United Sates of America praised all the leaders of Muslim world present in the summit for their fight against terrorism.

The spokesperson further revealed that the US among the international community is concerned over the relation of Pakistan and India.

The Indian government is alleging Pakistan for organizing terror activities in the region as well as in Kashmir.

The clarification has arrived after opposition criticizes PM Nawaz in Saudi Arabia; many politicians thought that it is insulting for the state.

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