ISLAMABAD – Famous journalist and TV Show host Saadia Afzal, who is currently under fire from all around, says people who are censuring me for interviewing Noreen Laghari, are also in line to interview her. 

“Those who are criticizing me for interviewing Noreen Laghari, they themselves want to interview her,” said Saadia while responding to critics.

She said those who are teaching me journalism ethics were also in search of a chance to get Noreen Laghari’s interview.

Saadia was of the opinion that she did no wrong by interviewing her and that she just attempted to show the other side of the coin.

“I did no wrong by getting Noreen’s perspective on a national TV channel, I just brought her story to the public.”

Saadia also maintained that interviewing someone does not by any mean can be termed as a favor or support to a mindset. I interviewed her and asked every little question which could answer how our young generation falls into trap of terrorists,  she said.

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