A cricket fan postpone wedding to watch PSL final

LAHORE –A cricket fan, Kashif Hussain has postponed his wedding to watch PSL final, scheduled to be held on March 5.

Since cricket has become the most revered and Pakistanis are now worshiping it enthusiastically, a groom from Uch Sharif even put off his wedding ceremony to watch PSL final.

According to detail, a groom named Kashif Hussain postponed his marriage ceremony planned to be held on March 5.

It is noted that despite all the arrangements have been made and the invitation cards have also been sent to the relatives and friends even then the weeding party was not preceded.

A bridegroom Kashif surprised the bride’s family when they heard Kashif saying to withheld the marriage for few days because he wished to enjoy PSL final match in Qaddafi Stadium Lahore and the in-laws tried to make him understand the realities and sensitives associated with marriages but he did not moved an inch.

So now the first priority has been given to the cricket match over his family life, a cricket enthusiast from Uch Sharif followed such a novel tradition in order to watch the final match of PSL.

The groom Kashif says to the in-laws that it has been a long time since revival of cricket in Pakistan has made possible, adding wedding ceremony can be arranged later on but once this series of PSL 2 is gone it will never be regained.

It is reported that Kashif has also purchased the most expensive ticket worth Rs 12000 to watch the PSL final competition.


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