KARACHI – In a reaction to the press conference hold by Karachi Mayor Wasim Akhtar, the spokesman Chief Minister Sindh house says the cleanliness drive in Karachi was a photo session.

According to PakistanTribe correspondent, the spokesman of CM reacted to Wasim Akhtar press conference earlier where he said that he is working in Karachi under scarce resources while the media irrelevantly criticize him over removing garbage from Karachi.

Karachi Mayor carried out cleanliness campaign for a single day for photo session, spokesman Chief Minister Sindh House.

The spokesman said only a single day cleanliness campaign was conducted in order to bring the news in the media while the rest of 99 days the Mayor continue speak about the issue of authorities.

“Four billion Rupees have been given to Karachi this year alone,” the spokesman reveals.

Wasim Akhtar has earlier launched a cleanliness drive in Karachi and said that he will clean Karachi city from filth and garbage within 100 days but when some part of the city remain out of the reach of the cleanliness campaign then the media started highlighting these places where filth have been strewn in the streets.

Karachi Mayor spoke to the media immediately after the stories about lack of cleanliness in Karachi and blamed the Sindh government for the inefficiency.

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