BEIJING – China has categorically denied all the speculation related it eyeing to build a military base in Pakistan after a Pentagon report published earlier this month.

The Pentagon report suggested that China would likely build military bases in Pakistan and in the African nation of Djibouti.

Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Wu Qian said talk of China is building a military base in Pakistan or elsewhere is mere speculation.

“Talk that China is building a military base in Pakistan is pure guesswork,” Wu said, without elaborating.

Djibouti’s position on the northwestern edge of the Indian Ocean has fueled worries in India that it would become another of China’s “string of pearls” of military alliances and assets ringing India, including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Sri Lanka.

China has repeatedly downplayed expectations it could be about to embark on a plan to build military bases around the world, even as it ramps up an impressive military modernization program.

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