China says India have no room for India in NSG

BEIJING – China has declared officially that it will not support India for its unilateral entry into Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG)

China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said on Monday: “China’s position on the non-NPT member’s participation in the NSG has not changed.”

The 48-nation NSG is expected to hold its plenary next month in Bern, Switzerland, where New Delhi’s entry is expected to be discussed, Tribune reported.

New Delhi formally applied for NSG membership in May last year, but China has consistently blocked India’s bid, pointing to the need for devolving universally applicable membership criteria for all countries that have not signed the NPT, but had become nuclear weapon states.

The NSG controls the global exports of nuclear technology and material to ensure that atomic energy is used only for peaceful purposes.

“We support the NSG following the mandate of the 2016 plenary session and following building consensus as well as the intergovernmental process that is open and transparent to deal with the relevant issues in a two-step approach,” Hua observed.


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