ISLAMABAD –  Chai wala felt disappointment in a bid to purchase a ticket for Pakistan Super League (PSL) final, he decided to provide tea to the fans in the match.

Since enthusiasm and feeling of excitement has surged for cricket, a famous Chai Wala will serve tea in the PSL final match.

According to PakistanTribe, a Chai Wala turned model, Arshad Khan from Islamabad could not buy the PSL final ticket but he decided to serve tea outside the Qaddafi Stadium, Lahore.

Though in the first place Arshad felt disappointed upon unavailability of PSL final ticket, he mustered up his courage and planned to sell tea on the occasion of PSL final.

Earlier he used to sell tea but the mainstream media provided him with opportunities in the field of advertising, music videos and photography and this campaign led him to become a celebrity.

Arshid Khan belongs to a Pashtun family and he does not possess any special talent except his blue eye and a model like physique, and no matter these traits are enough for him to reach the panicle of success in the entertainment industry.

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