BAHAWALNAGAR – Bahawalnagar police on Thursday busted a gang involved in selling donkey meat in the city.

Donkey meat sellers have now reached district Bahawalnagar after their semi-successful sale campaign in Islamabad, Lahore, and Toba-Tek Singh.

According to reports the police have detained a group of donkey meat seller in Bahawalnagar red handedly.

Police have recovered a huge meat of seven donkeys and their skins while three culprits have been taken into custody.

The culprits have made all the preparation for chopping the donkey meat in a nearby jungle when the police reached the crime scene.

According to detail, the police have registered a case against all those involved in this inhumane and unhealthy work.

While the police have also started further investigations from the arrested culprits in order to free the area from those dealing in such illegal businesses.

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