LAHORE – The load-shedding has gone out of control as people are now desperate and agitated with up to 16-hour power outage in a day.

These angered and agitated people are now attacking grid stations in the country. In cities, there is load shedding of 8-10 hours while villages are experiencing power outages for 12 hours.

Whereas, there are some areas in KPK that are facing up to 16-hour load shedding. With the temperature rising day by day, and Ramadan is upon us, the consumption of electricity has gone up, resulting in an increased shortfall of power.

Even with such a deteriorating situation, authorities are still unsure about how much power shortfall exists in the country.

Officials from WAPDA and National Transmission and Dispatch Company (NTDC) have been giving varying figures to the media about the power shortfall that exists in the country, Dunya News reported.

According to WAPDA, the power shortfall is 4000 MW while NTDC has put the gap between demand and supply at 6000 MW.

According to officials of the Ministry of Water and Power, the power production is 16,400 MW, while the demand for electricity is 20,400 MW. On the other hand, NTDC officials have said that production is 15,200 MW while demand is 21,200 MW.

According to an NTDC official, the power breakdown is such that hydropower production is 5,000 MW, production by IPPs is 7,700 MW, while production by GENCOs is 2,500 MW.

The country has recently witnessed numerous protests against load shedding. Last week, workers of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf forcibly entered a grid station and turned on power to high-loss areas.

Meanwhile, Karachi suffered massive power outages on the first day of Ramazan, contrary to the claims put forth by power supply companies that there won’t be any load shedding in Ramazan.

Just today, a protest in Malakand turned violent as Levies officials opened fire on protestors, resulting in one death and injuries to five people.

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