al-khidmat operations in awaran

there are few rumors circulate about Balochistan that Balochs are bloodthirsty & uninformed, but in reality Balochs are very kind & honor, when Al-Khidmat Foundation reached in Awaran (Balochistan) how they behaved to relief activist lets watch.


Raah Numa

Host: Muzaffer Aijaz
Guest: Aijazullah Khan, Muhammad Ali Edhi, Sarfaraz Shaikh

Raah Numa (with Eijazullah, Muhammad Ali Edhi) by raah-tv

  • Tahir Zaidi

    very nice discussion, thumbs up for Al Khidmat & PAD

  • Proud Karachait

    impressive .. I know Ali Edhi . He is great guy .

  • Guest

    great peoples great discussion!

  • Umme Umer

    Its really amazing that some people thinking so positive for our country & also acting accordingly. Its a lesson & example for other overseas pakistanis, great work ali Edhi & Al Khidmat

  • Abdullah

    good work & impressive vision for future.

  • Aslam

    good work keep it up

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