14 August Special Transmission aired on Raah TV and Raavi TV on tha occasion of indepandance day of Pakistan.

Hosts: Sumbul Syed and Farid Hanfi

Naimatullah Khan
Dr. Nausheen Shahzad
Aijazullah Khan
Dr. Nusrat Ali
Prof. Saleem Mughal
Abid Beli
Engr. Noman Shah Bukhari
Qazi Haseeb Alam
Habib Tahir
Omer Khan

  • Absar Ahmad

    yee hee Jamaat Islami ka ‘ISLAM’ ?

  • Yasir A Siddiqui

    This is not JI’s official channel…. It’s just an initiative from some of the JI workers and supporters…….

  • Shumaila Samad Khan

    Amazing effort Raah tv, wish you people all the best, i wish this channel goes on air. people should see islam does’nt forbid you to do these things.. the way it should be done is this.

  • zahir hussain

    good effort,inshallah become future chanel

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